Bamboo Floor Gallery

  • You are required to examine the contents of your Shipment [Details]

    As soon as your Order arrives, it is necessary to inspect freight for damages, and verify presence of all ordered items to avoid problems with filing a claim for damage or loss, if occurs.

    If you encounter some problems indicating of improper handling of your Order or you are missing the proper quantity of materials, please make sure to write note about that on the Delivery Receipt, and immediately inform the Bamboo Floor Gallery.

    When you verified that no materials are damaged and missing, you may sign the delivery receipt. In case if you found damages or missing items, you must note them on the delivery receipt in order to receive the compensation. It will be necessary to keep the materials in question for carrier inspection. You have to inform Bamboo Floor Gallery immediately about the damaged or missing items, and indicate your preference for reimbursement or replacement materials.

    It is required to fax a copy of the delivery receipt to Bamboo Floor Gallery using
    Toll Free Fax: 1-866-303-1029.

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Bamboo Floor Gallery

    TELEPHONE: 1-201-724-1087 · FAX: 1-866-303-1029