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This Installation Guide covers the installation recommendations of the Bamboo Flooring using Nail Down or Glue Down applications. Please refer to the appropriate section of the Guide for the instructions that apply to your Bamboo Floor installation. Installation methods are same as all regular hardwood floor planks, using standard flooring nails and recommended adhesives. We highly recommend that you have a professional installer apply your Bamboo Floor. The installers are advised to adhere to the preparation, installation, finishing and maintenance procedures outlined in the Hardwood Flooring Manual. Properly Installed and maintained Bamboo Floor will make an outstanding statement of incomparable beauty and top quality performance.

Bamboo Floor Gallery

Preparation · Prior to installation of the Bamboo flooring, the installer must carefully inspect all materials. Any defects, if occurs should be reported immediately. Warranty does not cover Bamboo Flooring materials with visible defects after they are installed. Each box of the Bamboo Floor should be inspected for differences in color, since bamboo is the natural fiber, and variations in color naturally occur.

General Condition · In the area to be installed, temperature and humidity must be brought to the actual normal usage levels at least 48-72 hours prior installation of the Bamboo Flooring, and maintained at those levels after the floor installation. The Bamboo Flooring packages should be placed in the room to allow acclimates to the room's temperature for as long as possible before Bamboo Floor installation. Be sure to use the moisture meter to check moisture levels in both the sub-floor and the bamboo flooring before installation begins.

Installation Methods · Pre-finished Bamboo Flooring is ideal floor covering choice with quick, easy and clean installation eliminating sanding, dust and finish drying process. With the tongue and groove configuration and super-durable finish Bamboo flooring planks can be easily installed over various floor surfaces, such as Concrete slabs or Wood sub-floor. Similar to most premium grade hardwood floor Installation, Bamboo Flooring using two methods of applications: Nailed Down or Glued Down.

Bamboo Floor Gallery Application Methods Glue-Down Application Specifics Nail-Down Application Specifics

Sub-Floor Condition · The surface of the Concrete or Wood sub-floor must be solid, flat, smooth, clean, dry and free of dirt, wax, oil, paint, curing agents and other constituents that would interfere with an adhesive bond. Concrete sub-floors must have all cracks and holes filled with a cement patching material. Old resilient floors can be installed over, applying provided above conditions. For the Wood sub-floor 5/8" or 3/4" thick Plywood is recommended. Wood sub-floors joints must be sanded level prior to the new Installation.

Bamboo Floor Gallery

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